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With over 35 years experience in Edmonton and the surrounding area, Quality Irrigation takes pride in the services we provide and in what way we provide them. Dealing with contractors of any kind should never be a frustrating experience, and by building our company on values focused on being reliable, on-time, and cordial we can guarantee that you will find a quality experience in dealing with any member of our team.

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Quality Irrigation specializes in all types of residential and commercial irrigation systems. Whether it be a new install for an undeveloped yard, or working around pre-existing landscaping we will have an efficient and affordable solution for you. Quality Irrigation also has experience with many larger commercial irrigation installs, and will be able to give you a free estimate to determine what is best for your site.


Frost and winter weather in general can be hard on any irrigation system. Have us come and pressurize, inspect, and repair your system to make sure it is functioning properly and ready to keep your lawn green and beautiful for the summer months.


The frigid winter months can cause serious damage to your irrigation system if it has not been properly prepared each fall. Book an appointment with us to come and completely blow-out all of your lines and manifold, as well as inspect your system for any deficiencies as we complete the winterization.


It is good practice to run your system and get a good visual on what is going on with it. Broken or improperly adjusted heads can lead to large areas of your lawn remaining unwatered, and a leaking manifold can be the cause of outrageously high water bills! Quality Irrigation carries the best in irrigation supplies from RainBird and Toro, and will be able to have your system running at peak performance while also giving helpful advice on how to care for your system and what to watch for.

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